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What Denver Property Owners Need To Know About American Cockroaches

No pest has as dirty a reputation as the American cockroach does, and rightfully so. While American cockroaches are harmless, these insects cause thousands of infections every year, making them a huge problem for Denver homeowners.

American cockroaches are always looking for new homes to scavenge, so keeping them out is difficult – but not impossible. Let’s go over why cockroaches are a threat to your health, and what Colorado residents can do to keep cockroaches away.

American Cockroach Identification Tips

The American cockroach is the easiest cockroach to identify.

Why? Because this pest is distinctly large: an adult can grow over 3 inches in length, while the next largest cockroach only grows to 1 inch.

On top of its size, you can identify this roach based on other common cockroach traits: the American cockroach has a flat body, a set of wings, six spiny legs, and two body-length antennae. American Cockroaches can fly, but often run instead, and they range from being a lighter brown to a darker redder-brown in color.

Despite its name, the American cockroach is thought to come from Africa. Nonetheless, it is one of the most prominent American pests today, and also an incredibly dangerous one. When you see an American cockroach, act immediately. These pests can be a real danger if they’re kept around the house for long.

Why (And How) American Cockroaches Threaten You

Denver homeowners should be warned: American cockroaches seriously threaten your health. These pests carry diseases that can make you and your family very sick, including salmonella, tularemia, giardia, dysentery, and E. coli. A roach in the house will surely contaminate every room, floor, or piece of food they can get their grubby legs on.

Cockroaches are scavengers, so they look for food wherever they can find it, and most often end up scavenging trash cans and dumpsters. These spaces have tons of diseases that the roach will carry into Denver homes – and yours is no exception. This is why prevention is key, as American cockroaches can infect you without you even knowing.

Preventing American Cockroaches

Nonetheless, prevention is possible. Make sure you implement the following precautions throughout your Denver property:

  • Remove moisture in the air: humid spaces attract cockroaches, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Clear the lawn: standing water and tall grass outside all create the hiding spaces roaches gravitate towards in the summer, which then allows them to move indoors in the winter.

  • Lock your pantry: if pests can get into your food supply, they will.

  • Keep trash indoors: cockroaches may start feasting on your trash before moving inside, so an outdoor trash bin will certainly attract them.

Whether you’ve seen the signs of an infestation or want to be safe just in case, contacting your local pest control professionals is always a safe bet for cockroach prevention. At Falkin Pest Control, we have the knowledge and equipment to kick American cockroaches out. When roaches invade, keep your Denver home safe with Falkin Pest Control.

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